Higher Vocational Education in Visual Arts

with specialized paths in 3-Dimensional Art, Drawing and Painting

Einar Granum School of Fine Art offers a two-year instructional program where the students are trained in traditional disciplines belonging to a foundational art education. The subjects taught in the second year build on the completion of first year studies. Second-year students may choose specialization in either Drawing, Painting or Three-Dimensional Art.

Teaching and lecturing are mainly conducted in Norwegian. All written information will be given in Norwegian.

The school is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research and receives funding in accordance with the Private School Act and the Vocational School Law. The school´s curriculum is recognized by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) as a tertiary vocational education, placed on level 5.2 in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Tertiary vocational education is considered an alternative to higher education and is based on upper secondary education and training or equivalent informal and nonformal competence.

The first year is a thorough and comprehensive foundation program in various techniques and understanding of materials. Developing classical skills in composition, form and colour are a fundamental part of the curriculum. Second year students may choose specialization in either Drawing, Painting or Three Dimensional Art and are increasingly challenged to experiment and develop their visual self-expression.

The School emphasises a broad understanding, focused attention as well as applied relevance in each subject. Students are encouraged to engage in independent thinking and investigation of the various Art subjects through practical experimentation and individual tutorials and feedback. Art history and writing classes further their opportunity to perceive their own work within a broader context.

The teachers are all practicing artists, and each year a large number of visiting artists, architects and designers arrange workshops and lectures as part of the curriculum.

Students arrange various social events throughout the year culminating with the music and art festival ‘Granumfestivalen’ in May.

Every year, in the autumn, the school arranges study trips abroad for the students.

The School is located centrally in Oslo’s creative district with a view of the river Akerselva. The area is called Vulkan and is near the popular Grünerløkka bustling with cafes, small shops and most of the city’s Higher Art Education Institution’s. The School premises are purpose built, they are spacious and open which creates a unique learning environment for both students and staff. Einar Granum School of Art was established in 1970.

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